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17 November 2017

About IFK Göteborg

IFK Göteborg is an orienteering club in Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden. IFK Göteborg is one of the best orienteering clubs in Sweden and hence also in the world.

Heading for 3rd place in 10-mila 2013
Heading for 3rd place in 10-mila 2013
Our 3rd place in Tiomila 2013 (best swedish team) is one of many succesful competions by IFK in recent time. IFK Göteborg is also a fairly good football club with a few victories in the UEFA cup and Swedish champions almost every year during the last 20 years.

We have organized trainings several days a week, with the classic ”Tuesday training” as our flagship. Tuesday trainings always starts at 18:00 from the clubhouse. After the training there is time for relax in the gym and sauna and you are also welcome to join for dinner (for around 30 SEK) and chit-chat in the clubhouse. On all our trainings there are groups with different running capacity. Sometimes we run in the terrain and sometimes on paths. There are often different training events for orienteering or running 7 days a week. We do welcome everyone to train and/or compete with us and we have had many good foreign runners that have visited us during the last years.

If you are interested in joining us for traning or competition, please contact our contactman for international runners Henrik Eliasson, henrik.eliasson@live.se

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